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The surrounding area of Horní Blatná is ideal for mount biking. You can choose from many various routes. We recommend "Krusnohorská magistrála" - a road with smooth surface where there is a minimum of rough terrain. Experienced bikers will be pleased as well because a number of bike marathons take place here. For those who are interested in "downhill biking" there is the most difficult route in theCzech Republic where the Czech Cup takes place. The track is 15km far from our chalet.

If you prefer hiking, there are lots of opportunities for trips. Amog other things you can visit "Vlčí jáma" (Wolves pit) and "Ledová jáma" (Ice pit - there is snow for whole year) where tin ore was mined in the past. Close to these mines there is "Blatenský vrch" (1040m) with 21m high view-tower. Tower has been built in year 1913. In Horní Blatná is a tin-mining museum.

In a near town of Potůcky which is located about 6km¨ from Horní Blatná you can visit a port area - swimming pool, whirlpool bath and tennis court.

Cross-country skiers will enjoy a lot of well-kept paths including already mentioned "Krušnohorská magistrála" The closest places for those who prefer downhill skiing are Pernink (3km), Boží Dar (10km) or Klínovec (15km) where artificial snow is used as well. In a/m places is also possible to enjoy skiing at night.



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